Shaggy Jackets & Graphic Tees

Tina Prokas wearing shaggy jacket on her blog styled destination

Hey, I’ve got a rug just like your jacket!

Omg, I saw a chair that looks exactly like your coat!

Anyone of us who sports this style of jacket hears these hilaaaarious comments all the time. Am I right haha?!

Every time I walk out the door in my fab jacket, I just know that someone… somewhere… will crack a little joke about it. And I dunno about you guys but it’s mostly the older people. Shaggy jackets & ripped jeans: I have a family friend who literally layyysss into me about my jeans, asking if she can patch the holes up lol! These poor fashion babies hahaha. But I don’t blame them. I mean, clearly shaggy items are a huge trend right now, and have been for a little while. They’re really eye-catching. So I can totally understand. And in all honesty, this is secretly one of my favorite jackets in my closet.

When it comes to my style and fashion, you guys know how I loooove trying different trends. When putting an outfit together, I honestly just get a kick out of playing with textures. It just makes an outfit a complete game changer.

Close your eyes and quickly imagine this outfit without the jacket. You see. Suuuper dull & boring. There’s nothing to it other than a cool skirt and a graphic t-shirt. We’re not trying to be basic here, peeps.

Add a textured jacket and some fab accessories and BAM! you have a killer outfit. I know what you’re thinking though… Tina isn’t the middle of Summer in South Africa??? and the answer is yes. This bad boy is woven in a way that has lots of little holes and gaps that keep things nice & breezyyy #luckyme.

 I have also made it my mission this year to start investing in some graphic tees and I’m slowly starting to build a little collection. And for 2018, I’m all about that effortless comfort look… well at least for now, that is.

Happy Thursday kids x

-Shop these cool shaggy jackets-

P.s These are perfect for Coachella or any summer festivals coming up 😉

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