Little Wrap Polka Dot Dress.

I’m baaaaaack! And bringing you yet another cool trend in a brand-spanking-new outfit.

Polka dots are HUGE right now. I’m talking aaalllll over major runways this season and even in our usual clothing stores. So let’s jump right on board while the trend is still hot & happening. You don’t want to be left behind, do you?

Now that I’ve been in Johannesburg for liiiiiittle more than a bit, my mom (a.k.a shopping partner) has heard me moan & groan about finding the perfect wrap dress this summer. And finally…. the stars aligned… and I landed myself this cute lil’ polka dot number (enter the trend). I grabbed it and did not even try it on as I honestly just knew that I had to make it work, and I was suuuuper excited!  So what I would absolutely suggest is trying out a trend in an item of clothing that you are most comfortable with. For me, a wrap dress is effortless and easy to throw on for a rushed day ahead. I like how a wrap dress accentuates my waist, and so I would suggest that you try the trend with an item that allows you to exude confidence. There is really no use tryna work a trend in a frilly top with huge sleeves (for example) if that’s just not you.

I love the fact that this dress is in micro polka dots; super playful yet subtle, and the white keeps things so fresh & chique. I changed things up slightly with a different colour in the dots (I absolutely love the classic black & white polka dot print but it started to bore me). This little dress is so perfect for a warmer summer-into-autumn kinda day.

I was defos feeling a little more romantic this day hence the hairstyle (French is fashion, honey!) If you want to take this look from day to night, simply undo that French braid and let those natural messy beach curls do their thing. A pink lip with a gloss on top and c’est la vie mon ami!

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