Off-Duty Neutrals

The perfect off-duty recipe… for an outfit that is!

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to start wearing much more color. I was honestly shocked when I started reorganising my wardrobe (I’m sure you guys saw my cupboard chaos on my Insta stories haha!) There was literally one section of soooo many bright & fun-colored items that I hadn’t yet taken for a spin, and a completely different section of just black-on-dark-on-black items. With all the rain we’re having in JHB, it kinda made me just want to slip on my black rain boots and keep things a lil darker… subtly sombre really.

But you can’t have these darker vibes 24/7, and so I eveeeentually (when the scorching sun came out) felt like adding some neutrals into an outfit to change it up a bit. Brown tones just do the trick here: they still count as dark but don’t bring such a harsh feel to the look. Especially when paired with nude palettes. It’s a perfect color match-up for when you don’t feel like putting too much into an outfit.

The subtle, earthy tones of this outfit and the plaid pattern are a really fab fashion duo. Between the thunderstorms & blazzzing sun that week,  I wanted to sport an outfit that would be super comfy… come rain or shine! So I opted for a white t-shirt & cuffed my comfy pants. My tee is from All Saints– absolutely adore them; their products really last so long. The pattern on my pants is micro plaid which is not as loud as we see with the red & black for example. Perfect for an off-duty, understated look. The nude & black baker boy hat really just heightens the trendiness of the outfit. My cool brown leather booties are from Topshop. I matched them up to my Gucci sling bag, and (of course) my faaaaave NonNom necklace.


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