Summer’s Glam Two Piece


When my brain is working over-time (I’m sure you guys have seen my Insta stories when I’m literally up until the crack of dawn) I create potential outfits and ‘save’ them in my ‘fashion log book’ at the back of my mind… and so here comes this outfit.

Gotta love the Summer glam in this one, and it was perfect for my friend’s birthday celebration at the Grand Africa. I seriously adoooore everything about this incredible place. And so my outfit just had to match up to these Summer vibes!

Beachy-chilled with a touch of formal feels. I loooove this two-piece. It honestly just brings in a whole playful side. You know I’m all for strutting your stuff when it comes to embracing your features (you go gal!) So what I love about this crop top set (and basically all crop tops with high-waisted bottoms) is that it draws the eyes into the waist and really accentuates an hourglass shape. Very flattering guys. Especially when you’re looking to hide that post-festive season food baby lol!

The palette is black… not your ordinary go-to Summer colour, but don’t freak out just yet guys! You can defs pull the rabbit out of the hat with this one: a glowing tan & sexy sunnies really go a long way. These simple steps literally eliminate all Adams Family vibes altogether.  And if tanning is just not for you, try out a lil bronzer & highlighter; it’s just that easy (and smart) to create the illusion of golden Summer skin.

I matched my outfit with some wrap ‘round sandals. I’ve been wearing these a lot this Summer; they just add an extra subtle detail to the outfit.  Sleek & straight is my middle name (when it comes to hair). And a sprinkle of pink in my sunnies tops off the glam vibessss.

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