Black, White, and a Dash of Red

Hello Hello Helloooo friends. It’s little old me back with a new outfit post.

If you were keeping up with my Instagram stories this past weekend (and if you were doing something cool & spontaneous instead, I totally forgive you) you would know that I spent the majority of my weekend curled up in my duvet; binge-watching the new season of Shameless.

After watching episode 10 (or was it 20?) I decided to hop on out for my faaaave frozen yogurt and… well… to ensure that I hadn’t fully evolved into a walking couch potato, I decided to wear this outfit. I mean it’s 2018 so why the H*** not? Gotta start the year off with a bang right?!

So in the spirit of being a little extra, I decided to reaaaally go all out with my accessories. Belt-bag, hair scarf, red lip, black sunnies. I mean they also wanted froyo so…

I have been seeing these little hair scarfs pop up on Pinterest and have been dyyyying to try them out. Such a ridiculously easy-to-sport trend for the longest time, and let’s just say I am about to go invest in a whole lotta them! They are just the cutest, and they honestly just radiate retro feels in an outfit.The red accents in my look just up the ante entirely!

Would you believe me if I told you that my belt-bag was originally a normal cross-body bag? I’m just the biggest fan of DIY. I don’t have a red belt-bag so I just made do with a shorter chain from the ancient archives of Tina’s South African wardrobe. You gotta do what you gotta do sistaaaa. And on that note: I’m gonna be uploading a YouTube vid to my channel where I show you guys just how to make that cross-body/belt-bag revolution a reality. So stayed tuned!

Lots of love X

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