Today has got me SO excited. Vinyl vibes are officially on the rise!

This wet-look patent style is making a huuuge scene on the streets… and for all the right reasons. Pants. Skirts. Booties. It’s time to talk aaaalllll things vinyl.

You cannot find a better duo right now than Vinyl and New York. I mean, Times Square and vinyl? Oooohhhh Heaven is a place on earth. Love the all-black feels. Monochromatic trends has been alive & strong for years and years. I decided to give these pieces new life by pairing them together and really busting the fashion myth that you can’t wear specific textures together. I’m talking about a more feminine lace piece matched up with an edgier vinyl piece. And even vinyl-on-vinyl guys. Just make sure that if you’re wearing the vinyl trousers & boots together, you go for cropped trousers. You don’t want to look like you’ve been dipped from the bottom up. All-in-one-pants-and-shoes is defs not a good look.

Both my top & pants are from NA-KD clothing. Seriously just love them. The trousers can be sharp & eye-catching… you always want to pair it with something more feminine, like a lace top.

Vinyl has started to pop up in loadssss of different colors too but the absolutely hot colors right now are black (of course) and red. Have a look at a red pair in my shop link below. And if you’re not yet ready to make the great leap and just want to tone down the vinyl vibe a little, pair it with a more casual, oversized sweater.



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