The Faux Fur Edit

Faux fur is so much better than the real deal, guys. I don’t think I’ll ever wear real fur… Wrote a post about this last winter you can read it here. I’m honestly so glad the big brands like Gucci are starting to go in the direction of faux fur, starting 2018.

With so many different colors, I invest in a new faux fur coat every Winter. I’m sure you can imagine just how many I’ve really started to rack up haha! And with new fab colors just popping up this season, why not brighten up that wardrobe?!

They’re honestly so much fun. I mean, take a look at my new  yellow-ish furry friend… suuuuch a statement piece! I’m absolutely loving it. You can get it here.

I might as well put it on display in my room since it’s not going to sit in my closet for longer than… ummm… two days maybe? Defs a repeat piece, this beauty. Especially as these NYC temps start dropping. The cold ain’t gonna keep me down and looking dull!

I kept the rest of my outfit simple with an all-black color palette. Seriously just want the coat to shine like the star it really is; with jeans & my mesh bodysuit as the perfect partners. Which you can get here & here.

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