My Duster-Coat Hack


Ever feel like you don’t really wanna put in much effort into your outfit that day? (Mondays… this happens on Mondays!)

It’s such a dilemma though because you still want to look your best, right?!

Ladies and (well… just ladies haha) I present to you one of the greatest hacks to ever fall upon the styling  world:

The duster-coat hack (*inserts applause*)

If you haven’t done so already, you seriously need to invest in a bunch of these duster. They will literally take your outfit from drab to fab reeeeaaaal quick, and without even trying.

Take a look at this outfit I’m wearing… if I left the duster out of my outfit, all it is is jeans & a bodysuit. Booooringggg. It’s super simple to throw that duster on and you got yourself a whole different look. Interesting right? The simplicity is just so effective.

Personally, I have a bunch of different colors & designs for different moods & vibes. It’s just the perfect cherry-on-top transition piece for warmer Fall days.

*Shop some of my favorite dusters at the end of this post. 




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