Stepping Up Your Athleisure Game

 Athleisure just burst onto the scene a few seasons ago (I’m so happy to see it stay!)

It’s honestly so common now to see sportswear on the streets: the fusing of some sport spunk with comfort (always key!). Because athleisure is pretty simple in its style, don’t make the mistake of piecing miss-matched (workout) items together. So leave the sweaty, sad tank top at the gym door and rather opt for pieces that really score!

I created this all-white athleisure look with a red-striped duster coat. I also wore these white joggers with a side stripe… mirrored in my white Adidas sneakers and its own lil stripe vibes. This is definitely a look I like to wear during the week… especially when I’m going to college & have a million-and-one things to do. I can move quickly & easily (& stylishly) without having my outfit driving me insane–imagine doing all those errands in heels and a smart skirt?! Athleisure just gives them a red card (But just for the time being haha)

My oversized t-shirt just adds the style factor #that_knot_though! With plain hairstyling and my best-iced vanilla latte in hand, I’m about to bring that seeeerious fashion game.

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