Oversized Sweaters

Monday morning. Alarm clock goes off.

It’s 7am and I kinda just wanna hit snooze (for the 4th time) and get back to cozy-duvet-cocoon-vibes. Eveeeentually I get up, stare at my closet, not knowing how I feel or what to wear. I also have no clue what the day ahead holds for me… it is Monday after all. Not my vibe, AT ALL.

So this is literally the case every single Monday for me. It’s a new week with a new set of challenges… my first challenge being ‘What on earth am I going to wear today?!’ With it being Fall and all, my absolute go-to is oversized sweaters. These just let me soak in that comfy, cozy vibe (so I don’t miss my duvet too much). I think I’m literally going to be living in sweaters throughout Fall and Winter. They are so effortless. You literally don’t even have to try with these babies… which is defs the best for that Monday morning struggle.


About This look

I scored this sweater from H&M— it’s from the Studio Collection Collab they launched straight after FW. I really love this sweater because it has this plaid/gingham pattern paired with a super cool zipper detail. The white paint abstract design is just so unconventional & bold. So unlike a plain sweater— which is a must as a Fall/Winter staple just by the way— this sweater is really eye-catching and has just enough going on without being unpleasant to the eye.
The design just ‘helps a sister out’; it calls for minimal styling which is what I’ve incorporated into my look. The distressed denim I’m wearing brings a Summer item into the warmer vibe of the outfit. Fall is soooo great for this… I’m such a fan of a Summer-Winter mash up!
My patent boots come into play here. The small heel really helps when I have to walk for ages around the city. So super comfy boots are a no-brainer. They also give me that lil’ extra bit of height (which I need considering I’m not exactly the tallest person haha).

Bad hair day? Don’t even fight it, babe. Just add a hat to top off the look. Speaking of… keep your eyes wide open for my ‘how to add a French vibe’ to a fab Fall outfit (hint hint!) And if you haven’t seen so already, my hat guide has aaalll the Fall feels!

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