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October has got to be one of my fave months for styling. NY has that Fall edge… basically the most versatile time for styling our jackets that have been in closet-hibernation for months and months! So it’s no surprise that I tend to fall (see what I did there) towards an edgier vibe this time of year… Which is exactly why me and edgy, military streetwear are two peas in the fashion pod.
When we think ‘military look’ our minds switch to auto-camo-army-print mode. To be honest, the army pattern doesn’t really tick all the boxes for me (which is totally cool; we all have our faves & not-so-faves) but there are soooo many different ways to recreating a military vibe… and in walks the statement pieces.
Military-inspired statement pieces are just so grande & striking. It’s literally all in the jacket’s finer details & structure. But we kinda don’t want to look like we’re playing dress up from the 1940s. So here it goes you guys… my fab military jacket: reinvented & reloaded.
You guys know how I love mixing & matching items from different price ranges (they call me bargain queen for a reason peeps!) I got this jacket off Booboo a couple of weeks back. Super inexpensive, but no one would even guess when styled correctly. I think that’s the beauty of fashion. Being able to make something look so effortlessly chic & current without breaking the bank.
Another thing guys: when rocking a military-inspired look, you still want to try keep things feminine. The military vibe can overshadow that feminine feel so try piece items together that will bring the balance to your look. So my long, flowy skirt honestly works so well with the jacket; my statement piece is structured much more than the skirt. These two really just compliment each other. The gold detail just shouts royaaaaal to me. I wore this outfit with a basic black bodystocking, my black patent boots (which are suuuuper in right now!) and my black Gucci baby. The chain of my purse & my sassy specs really just accentuate the gold detail that I wanted to carry throughout this look.

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