The Cropped Denim Jacket


Helloooooo friends!

I know I have been a little MIA on the blog lately, but I hope you guys have been keeping up to speed with me on Insta! NYFW reeeaaally had me all over the show, and my goodness… what an absolutely FAB week it was. So I am back and here to stay. And speaking of, make sure to catch my NYFW post coming up really soon! Defs not one you want to miss.

Let’s have a quick chat about matching, cropped outfits. The cropped denim jacket to be specific.

Sooo often my friends ask me: “But Tina, how on earth do I pull off a same-color matching set?” Really simple actually. It’s all about the different details & textures of both pieces. So the rips in this denim skirt make it totally cool to pair it with a matching (simpler) jacket. Lo & behold, the cropped denim jacket.

While oversized denim jackets have been the absolute craze for a while, it’s always so fun to change up that vibe and find new ways of reinventing a denim-jacket-look– which is exactly what I’ve done. This lil’ black cropped beauty is my new best friendddd… it’s no wonder you guys flooded me with so many DMs about it! (Keep them coming in!!!) It honestly just brings about a super vintage vibe with a little twist which is what I’m totally about.

Need a cropped denim look for Fall? How’s about black/dark blue boyfriend jeans (try to avoid your high-waisted pair, but just for this look!), a bodystocking or a basic vest as a top option, some seriously cool sneakers, and a POP of color in the bag… it just finishes off that totally vintage aesthetic.

Here are my FAVE Cropped Denim picks:


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