A Budget-friendly Fall dress

Hey guys!

Back with another look (and secrecy hoping you’re gonna diiiiiiie for this look!!!) So this was one of those days where I just wanted to throw on an easy dress and call it a day… but still keep things bright & fun. I think a lot of people have the impression that: “It’s Fall now. Can’t be bright so imma stick to the dark browns & reds”. While these colors totally work for the season, you don’t always want to be matchy-matchy with the Fall leaves.

What I’m basically trying to tell you guys is… BRIGHT red is defs Fall’s color! And so this dress makes it to the very top of my ‘Fall outfits’ list for my wardrobe.

 What’s more, this dress is suuuuper inexpensive.I got it from H&M a few weeks back and for anyone of a tight budget (but still needs to feed that fashion addiction), this dress Is. The. One. And for only $24 dollars (say whatttt?!) Personally, I am all about having a balance in my wardrobe. I love my designer pieces but I am totally down to have those budget-friendly pieces too. I mean, who doesn’t love a great bargain?! And I must just tell you guys, the plisse fabric feels so soft against my skin. What a win.

I paired the dress up with a fun star bag & some black ankle boots (duh). And I am all set for a casual day in the city… feeling totally comfortable & playful. To dress up this look or add an edgier feel to it, bring some silver earrings into the mix & a cool leather jacket. Easy as that.

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