What order to apply makeup products


I’m baaaack! And bringing you guys a beauty post that will literally update your entire makeup routine.So makeup never ever used to be my thing. I mean, I used to be so clueless about what products go on when… it was just super confusing. But as you know, I looove experimenting, so with all these amazing products that sat in front of me, I kinda figured it all out through trial & error. Yep. We have alllll been amateurs in this area. And I honestly wished there were more 1min tutorials about when to apply each product. Coz I am pretty sure I applied the majority of these wrongly for forever-and-a-day.

I know a lot of you guys have the same problem. So here is my routine. And really guys, you can skip through as many steps as you’d like. Some of us wouldn’t wear this much makeup on the daily, so it’s totally cool to do what suits you (you do you boo). After all, it’s just a guide to get you on the right track. And although my contouring guide was a ‘how-to’, this post is the ‘when-to’ of it all. LET’S GO.

One: Start with a clean canvas

  • Make sure your skin’s prepped & ready for its fave routine everrrrr
  • Wash your face using a foamy cleanser or gentle scrub (it’s pamper o’clock)
  • Add your toner or serum
  • Then move on to applying your moisturizer
  • Sunscreen is next (optional but defs recommended)

Two: The foundation of it all

  • First comes primer
  • Then comes foundation
  • And then comes concealer for those ‘dancing all night’ black, Gucci (under-the-eye) bags
  • Bronzer is next With a little bit of blush And highlighter to end off that shimmer vibe

Three: Eyebrows on fleek

  • Eyebrow primer is first
  • Eyebrow pencil/powder next
  • Eyebrow gel (also optional, but for those blessed with fuller brows, the gel will help them sit in place)
  • Just a bit of concealer under & over to make that brow POP

Four: Look into my Eyes

  • Let’s go for some eye primer
  • Eyeshadow to follow
  • Eyeliner for the drama-mamas
  • Lash curler to bat those eyelashes at cute boys
  • Mascara of course

Five: Pucker up those Lips

  • Numero uno: lip primer
  • Lip pencil for puckering perfection
  • Lipstick (duh)
  • Lipgloss (aha)

Six: Finishing Touches

  • A final spritzzz of setting spray and taDAAA! Well done, honey. You did great.


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