Fall’s Best (Casual) Pieces to Invest in

Keeping It  Casual…

As much as I’ve adored summer and all the festivities that came along with it, there’s something just so refreshing about Fall that I love so much. It’s sloooowly starting to become a bit breezy. This can only lead to one thing… rounding up those fave Fall outfits of course! It’s definitely my favorite season in New York (not too hot, not too cold) which means I will be maximizing casual looks like these all season longggg.

 September is going to be a super busy month with new projects popping up, fashion week, and going back to college (I am exhausted just thinking about it… anyone want to help me organize my life?) So I thought I’d share my Fall tips with you guys before I get sucked into the black abyss of surviving-on-three-hours-of-sleep mode. After all, who doesn’t like pre-planning perfect, cool, and casual Fall outfits?!

But first… a quick look at exactly how I incorporated that Fall vibe into my outfit (with one of the best casual investment pieces!)

About this Matchy-Matchy Look

I look like this is perfect for when you’re on-the-go. I wore this outfit last week in Soho while meeting up with a friend for coffee… we actually ended up stopping by one of my absolute favorites, “Cha Cha Matcha”, and running a bunch of errands that have kept me in procrastination-station for a while now (I guess we’re only human, right?)

Basic Casual Sets like this beauty are so great to have in your closet. Honestly so versatile for all kinds of vibes & especially those to-do days like mine. This also means that you can wear a set like this on repeat (winner!!) It can defs be worn casually (like I wore it) and it can totally be dressed up with some heels, a sleek ponytail, a cute cross-body bag, and a red lip for added drama. The possibilities are literally endless guys.

Onto my top casual picks for Fall!

 4 Casual Items to Invest in for Fall

These items are my absolute fave for Fall, and if you’re looking to invest in some everyday casual pieces, these 4 have got you covered from Monday to Sunday.

1.) White Denim Jacket

Definitely a piece to invest in for those cooler Summer evenings & chillier Fall days. You can wear it with a bunch of different outfits (practically anything really) and in so many different ways. Try tying it around your waist or wearing it over your shoulders. Those extra breezy days won’t get you down, girl!

2.) A casual Knit Pants Set

I think I’ve pretty much shown you guys that a good pants set is the greatest little investment. Soooo many outfits to create, plus it’s really comfortable & convenient.

3.) Quality Sneakers

A pair of casual sneakers are a complete must if you’re trying to build a versatile wardrobe. So if you’re someone like me who lives & dies in sneakers, I personally find it best to invest in a pair of good quality sneakers. They tend to last a lot longer! Go for a neutral color like black, white, or grey, so that they make the perfect pair for your entire Fall wardrobe.

 4.)  A fun Backpack

 A mini backpack is such a cool way to accessorize & maximize your styling factor. It literally takes your outfit from 0 to 100 real quick. Plus, it’s really convenient if you have a lot of stuff to carry around. Throw it all into your backpack and off you go. I went for something fun that had a metallic texture.

*Keep an eye out for Fall’s Formal style picks coming up really soon!

Comfy Sets for Fall

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