How to Style Statement Earrings

close up of blogger and influencer tina prokas wearing statement earrings on her blog styled destinationInfluencer tina prokas wearing statement earrings on her blog styled destinationtina prokas wearing statement earrings in New York on her fashion blogblogger tina prokas wearing statement earrings on her blog styled destinationBlogger tina prokas wearing an off the shoulder top with statement sleeves

Statement earrings are everythaaaang at the moment and defs here to stay, at least for a little while. There are just so many different kinds making their fashion rounds… with celebs sporting them, and even fashion influences wearing them as their accessory of choice. My absolute fave statement earring right now has got to be anything long & a little chunky (the circular designs are seeeriously killing the game!) I am loving the ones I’m wearing in the outfit above. The asymmetry (the left earring with a longer detail and hint of pretty pink) makes this pair so unique… all the different factors just work together perfectly. But it honestly gets tricky when it comes time to plan the perfect outfit around this accessory. So here are the one, two, threes for styling with these babies!

Top Styling Tips:

Less is more

It’s pretty simple to pop on a pair of statement earrings. But if done wrong, it’s very easy to gravitate towards that Christmas-tree-look. Watch out for over-accessorising (prioritise the earrings!) and avoid wearing your earrings AND a necklace in the same outfit.

Simple hair styling

For those of you with very long & luscious locks, and even those with shorter cropped cuts, try styling your hair away from your face. This will make sure that those earrings really get their well- deserved lime light! I always pair a sleek pony with my chunky earrings… they can seriously make a statement this way.

Colour is key

A cool little trick I like to pull out the magician’s hat is tying up all the colours in my outfit. With the earrings I’m wearing in my outfit, the touch of pink in them mirrors my pink-framed glasses. So let’s say your earrings are navy blue tassels, try to find a cool bag in that same colour. The earrings & bag automatically just compliment each other and your whole outfit. Now I know what you’re thinking…. Tina, what if my earrings are gold or silver?… Simple. Something like a cute silver or gold belt can do the trick. Even a bag with a silver or gold strap or chain will look absolutely fab. It can be super subtle but it adds a finishing touch.

Taking you from day to night

Statement earrings can literally change an entire outfit. Here is a little life hack. So I recently started carrying a pair of statement earrings around with me (I know, a little weird… but why not take advantage of the trend right now, right?!) If I’m going out that evening with friends and have zero time to do an outfit change, I pop these babies right on, add a swipe of lipstick, and suddenly I’m night-time-ready.

What to wear

My favourite items to wear with statement earrings is an off-the-shoulder top or dress. A clean neckline allows for that needed simplicity and so leaving the new area open, it allows you to do more on top. Literally goes back to ‘less is more’. Let the earrings be the focal point.

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