How to wear Asymmetrical skirts + New Video

So I want to share some very exciting news with you guys! Dramatic drum roll pleeeaaase… I have finally decided to enter the world of YouTube! I’ve officially launched my channel and I am so beyond excited about this because it’s something I have been wanting to do for a very long time.

I will be covering a whole bunch of trending, fresh, and super interesting stuff from fashion lookbooks to beauty tutorials, travel vlogs, weekly vlogs, Q&As and anything else you guys want to see! So don’t be shy to slide me an Instagram DM and tell me exactly what vids you would like to see next. In the meantime, the first series I’ve launched on my channel is the “How to wear top trends.”

What this basically means is that I will take a trending item/topic/category and show you at least two new & cool ways to style that trend. So in my first video, I am covering these fab asymmetric skirts and showing you two completely different ways of wearing them (versatility at its absolute best guys) So here we go guys: like, comment, share, and most importantly… ENJOY!

Outfit 1
Just Drama baby!

This first outfit is defs something I would wear in the evening, with it’s absolute elegance and date-night or cocktail party seal of approval. This skirt is also the ultimate style steal… Shop ┬áthe look below

Back to the Asymmetry: I am just loving these skirts because they really bring an added style-factor to an outfit & wardrobe. Sometimes we can get bored with the same, predictable skirt look. The asymmetrical skirts move far far away from a straight, traditional skirt look… defs something to get your hands on!

I made the look a little more formal by mixing in some heels(from a store called Guilty Soles) and tassel earrings. This skirt could also look just fab alongside some island vibes too… try adding a pop of color (a colored lip perhaps?), some sexy sandals, and beach curls for a flawless Summer vacation look!

Outfit 2
Absolutely Edgy with a little (top knot) twist

Compared to the first outfit, this outfit is a complete game-changer. It just roars with those loud, bustling city vibes, and I would personally rock this look in the day… either at lunch with the girls or even a concert or festival. The black denim asymmetrical skirt is such fun to style. It’s super versatile and looks great with a crop top and some sneakers too. I paired it up with a statement studded vest, a netted top with my metallic booties, and of course a top knot to finish off the look. I guarantee this outfit will turn heads, especially with all those textures & vibey feels going on!

Ready… steady…. SHOP!

Outfit 2

Outfit 1


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