50 Summer Dresses for Under $50

tina prokas wearing a pattern summer dress under $50 in New York

I’m sure you guys have noticed that I’ve jumped on the Summer-dress-bandwagon. Sometimes I donno where I think I live…. the beach or the city haha?! Summer dresses paired with the perfect sandal: this will always just be one of the most perfect combinations ever.

Whether it’s the latest Gingham vibes, tassels, patterns, or the LBD (little black dress, of course!), these super women dress styles always save the day when it comes to beating the heat (to fashion infinity and beyond!!) So it’s really a must to be sporting these easy-breezy-fashioneasy styles for the Summer. After all, dresses are serious vacation necessities.

It’s honestly such a win when I find an amazing Summer piece that doesn’t leave me diving deep into my purse (for all my fashionable students out there, I feel you, girl, I feel you). So with it being the mid of Summer, and the temperature not cooling down any time soon, I have picked out my 50 fave Summer dresses that are absolutely trending right now… and all for under $50. Seriously?! Seriously.

I have split these dresses into categories for you guys. This I’m sure will help you find exactly what style you’d like to try out, and what dress you actually need… because let’s face it: under $50 and such cute designs requires that we get one in every color, right?

blogger Tina Prokas wearing a Gingham dress on her blog Styled Destination

Little Black Dresses

Let’s first focus on the ultimate classic dress. What I love so much about an LBD is the versatility that it brings to an outfit: it can literally be styled with so many different jackets/shoes/accessories. Keeping in mind that we’re styling for Summer, opt for a lighter fabric (in terms of the weight of the dress) and a design that will allow for Summer sandals. A little lace detail at the hem, or a cold shoulder design  elevates the LBD to a fresh-feeling & looking outfit.

tina prokas wearing a summer lace dress in New york on her blog styled destinationPerfect vacation dresses

Okay so this category is really a bit broader. What works best for me on vacation is a dress that I can just throw over my bikini when leaving the shores for the nearest beach bar… without having that ‘too casual’ vibe.

Bright colors work so nicely here as you can have a really plain design, and the color will just say it all. Choose a plunge neck design with a wrap ’round tie detail and you’ll be bringing the beach vibes, babe! Striking colors that literally work the dress for you; what more could you ask for?! Add this with nude sandals and you’re set, sister!

Let’s talk tassels. The movement they bring to a Summer dress honestly speaks volumes! One of my fave tassel dresses is the one pictured  below. I love how a simple white palette is contrasted with the movement of the tassels (twirling all day long!) It just adds such spunk and sass to a simple design. A huge helper with a dress like this is that clothes aaaaalways crease in our luggage bags. The tassels are a liiiiiittle heavier than the fabric of the top half of my dress, so most of the stubborn creases are smoothed out as soon as I slip this baby on. No need to ring hotel reception for the iron or steamer!

All things pattern

Gingham is a major trend right now; mixing white & a bold color like blue, black, or red is what really brings this blocked pattern to life. It really draws the eye in and elevates a simple t-shirt dress design to something more playful & oh-so cute. For those of us who aren’t completely comfortable with the bigger black & white square designs, the smaller squares are subtle, especially for a Summer look. Want to avoid looking like a picnic tablecloth? Choose a gingham dress with small extra details like textured tassels or embroidery.

An absolute must this Summer is a white dress with blue flowery details. A look like this instantly teleports me to Greece’s beautiful island of Santorini… the blue-capped, cute little white houses meet the big blue sea & sky on the horizon. Pure bliss. I honestly feel so pretty rocking this dress. So feminine and a little bit traditional (takes me back to my Greek roots, I guess) but in a modernized and sweet style.

And how about contrast floral prints? It’s not out just yet guys. You can totes get away with a black dress and it’s big flowery pattern; choose one with a tie-front detail and you’ll look mighty fine with an Island-girl vibe!

Killer maxi dresses

Last but defs not least, the dress that never let’s us down! Maxis are absolutely amazing when paired with simple rose gold flip flops, hoop earrings, and a beachy hair braid. Such effortless dresses, maxis bring comfort to every Summer outfit… just make sure to choose one with a side slit (we don’t want to be tripping in front of that lifeguard we’ve been eye-ing out the entire day/week/holiday). I also love how I can throw a denim jacket over my shoulders when I’m in these dresses, for when a cooler breeze picks up.


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