Ruffle Statement Sleeves

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Ruffle statement sleeves have literally swooped onto the fashion scene! This is defs one of the biggest trends of 2017, and what’s not to love?! These sleeves just reinvent a classic crisp shirt and can be worn from runway to real life. Who would have thought that sleeves could have so many different variations? I certainly didn’t. And after trying it out, this trend is totes worth the fab-fuss.

So, these exaggerated sleeves are really all about that dramatic vibe. Lots of volume, ruffles, frills, and texture just make this piece really girly but really timeless at the same time. Basically, if you look through the fossils of fashion, you will see how the trend was brought to life by none other than Cristobal Balenciaga (such inspo!) But let’s get real here… a ‘Queen Elizabeth in the 16th Century’ vibe does not really fit our everyday fashion catalogues. His sassy sleeve designs have been brought back to life in fresh, new, modern looks (thank the fashion gods!)

I just love how the ruffle sleeves are so fun & flirty- a completely different vibe to my moodspiration and NY-inspired looks (how fun that we can move between different fashion feels?!) I really feel like the ultimate girly girl, I paired the look with some platform sequin sneakers to keep things casual, while adding a dash of sass at the same time…

If you are sooooo over your tired-looking wardrobe and that same old white Tee you’ve been sporting around on repeat, a statement sleeve will instantly do the transformation trick… taking your predictable look to new, cool & chic heights. It’s really also the perfect party piece.

I hope that this post gives you an extra nudge that will send you straight to shop my favorite sleeves I have attached below! 😉

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