Black, White and Deconstructed

So picture this: I am standing in my closet, consumed by wayyyy too many clothing choices, and in desperate need of a serious spring clean, major organisation, and basically a bigger closet #newyorkproblems. I know you know exactly what I mean, right? Also, I was wondering… is it still Spring cleaning if we do it in Summer? Let’s just say that I am the finest procrastinator you ever did find. And well, to be seriously honest with you guys, I kinda managed to pull this outfit out of the magical mess (completely unintentional). And I’ll be damned…. I witnessed the marriage of classic chic with modern style right before my very eyes!

A deconstructed look is really just about raw, sharp edges & revealed linings… and the white shirt is so central to this. So all those looks you have seen in store windows – with the mannequins modelling off-the-shoulder button-downs… Yep. Deconstruction at its finest. But sometimes a crisp white shirt can make the outfit look too ‘structured’, strict-office-lady vibes. This calls for a little less crisp and a little more adventure. And in my case, with the NY rush & closet chaos, this was literally deconstruction on steroids haha!

Basically, there is nothing more effortlessly chic than a monochrome palette. But there’s always room for that sprinkle of ‘adventure’ in my deconstructed outfit, so this trend really has me diving in deep! (Speaking of adventure… I am trying to plan a little Summer get-away. Suggestions anyone? Please comment below!) Back to topic, Tina (*rolls eyes*). Over the past few runway seasons, we have all seen different kinds of designer-cut shirts, twist shirts, ruffles on shirts, and shirts without sleeves. What I love to do is take trends straight off the runway and style them to work for everyday life. And even though deconstruction in items with non-traditional necklines & unexpected space places (enter the midriff) might feel completely wrong, that’s the real beauty of fashion. The creativity & inspo is just endless. And my best part of it all: styling stays the same. You can literally pair your deconstructed shirt with those frayed denim jeans, the same way you would always style a plain shirt with jeans… just throwing a modern twist into the mix!

Deconstructed-Shirt Styling

So how I like to go about this is to just have fun with the structure of my shirt: I keep the colour and outfit items plain & simple, and just let the shirt create itself. See how I have transformed my shirt into off-the-shoulder chic? I did not have to do too much with it, the deconstructed shirt says so much by itself (such an advantage!) Keep to a simple colour palette. That way when you play with the symmetry of your outfit, the colours don’t give onlookers a fashion-induced headache. I paired my shirt with a denim skirt, which by the way is also deconstructed from your traditional skirty look (such a win).  Adding in my sprinkle of ‘adventure’ with a bright red bag, which is sooooo striking with my monochrome mood. I kept my accessories simple and added in some booties; cut-

 outs of course, for the Summertime (you know how I love them). You can never go wrong with straight & sleek hair styling. And because the weather is so unpredictable (it was so windy when I shot this look), a leather jacket always adds some extra-needed edginess to your final look.

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