Styling Statement Pieces

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Saturday nights are always fun… especially for me now that I have fiiiinally turned 21 (woohoooo legal!) The weather is also getting a lot warmer, and so I get to swap those wooly warmers for something a bit lighter and more suitable for spring Saturdays. And with statement pieces, preparing my glam look for the night is just so much fun!

Statement pieces are really bold & eye-catching, and it’s not only a colour that makes an item a statement piece. It’s a pattern, or even a texture. This is why a lot of people would rather shy away from these than try something new… something daring!

So guys, I have a (not so) tiny sequins obsession. I just love throwing the unique texture & multicolour palette into my look, literally whenever I get the chance! I picked up this sequins jacket a few weeks back and couldn’t wait to show you guys the latest statement piece to join my closet club. The sequins size on this piece is bigger than your average sequins fabric. This is why I’m so careful with when & where to take it out for a spin.

Statement pieces can look overwhelming, and literally swallow you up, if not styled the right way. And let’s face it guys, not knowing how, when, and where to wear these pieces literally opens the door for self doubt to creep in & kill our vibe. Can I really pull this off? Of course you can!! And I’m going to show you exactly how.

Remember when I told you guys how simplicity is key?  Statement pieces need to seriously tie in with simple outfits. Which is weird right… since we’re trying not to be simple when wearing statements. That Christmas-tree-look is the uuultimate buzzkill guaranteed to scare off everyone, even Santa! But seriously, if you plainly style everything else, it’s gonna be that much easier to put your outfit together.


How can you expect other people to believe you can pull something off if you don’t even believe it?! You have to OWN the statement piece. The first step starts with you, sister!

The ‘when & where’ question

The time and place to wear a statement piece is something to seriously consider. Depending on the item, things like sequins really tend to suit the nights more than the day time. Sequins gives off a more formal & glitz vibe that’s more suitable for dinner & drinks with the girls than it is for high tea or a garden wedding. You don’t want to overdo it! I wore my jacket to a really gorgeous rooftop lounge. It just fitted in perfectly with the vibey atmosphere.

Simple styling

You need to keep your outfit crisp & clean. I paired my sequins statement with a sexy & sleek jumpsuit, and some plain black heels. This way my jacket is the focus point and is left to truly shine (like the sequins it is!)


A bigggg help is to stick to the same colour palette. If your statement piece is a bright a colour, loud pattern or bold texture(like my sequin jacket), keep the rest of the outfit’s colour palette plain and super simple.

Hairstyles & Accessories

Chill out with the hairstyles. You don’t want to go overboard with curls or anything fancy. Keep accessories to the bare minimum, like a pair of simple stud earrings or a staple chain. It shouldn’t look like you are trying too hard. I opted for a sleek ponytail to compliment (and not overload) my statement piece.

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