Trend Spotter: Get playful with Denim Jackets

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Well hello babes!

So there’s another trend that is causing a fashion frenzy right now… Any guesses? Well, you have probably noticed the absolute craze around logo tees and jackets. I seriously cannot get enough of it, and if you are like me and were too young to remember your mom dressing you in those logo- printed items, you are in luck. The 90s are back baby! And better than ever. (Obviously with a little twist)

I am sure you guys remember my embroidery dresses post and judging from store shelves, there’s honestly no doubt that logos, patches, and embroidery are absolutely huge right now… and for whatever reason, so are flamingos haha! I think they are the perfect Summer touch to any outfit. I mean, when I think of flamingos, I can’t help myself but think of pearly white beaches in sunny South America! (Instant teleport vibes please) The classic over-sized denim jacket is a great necessity for your closet girls. I have been seeing all types of variations for how this jacket can be reinvented… It’s impossible to just walk past clothes rails without spotting those cut-out denim jackets, some with chunky chain accessories, embroidery (of course), logos, patches… you name it! Which I am totally obsessed with!

How to style this jacket

Number one top tip for Summer: if it’s actually too hot to wear the jacket, but you obviously still want to flaunt it, just throw it over your shoulders. It’s like you are not even wearing it but still wearing it (you get my flow). Pair it with your fave shorts & sandals, or even an all-white co-ord that you have been dyiiiing to try out. There’s just something about denim and all-white that I’m totally obsessing over for the Summer time. The jacket actually looks so great with a denim-on-denim look. Roll up those sleeves for some extra style points! And the versatility is honestly endless with this jacket… so I would love to hear your ideas on how you would rock this old-school fresh-vibes jacket (comment below!)

How to style denim-on-denim

So guys, there are always going to be people who frown upon this denim-on-denim vibe. But honestly, it’s super simple to pull off and it actually looks very cool. And once you see how I like to style this denim for daysssssss look, you automatically save yourself from looking like ‘denim-duo’ Britney & Justin at the American Music Awards (stop… it’s hurting my eyesssss)

So first things first… always always make sure that the denim embroidered jacket is a few shades darker/lighter than your other denim piece (“Imma…slaaaaaave to denim” Don’t be that Britney!) I went for a  slightly darker colour denim for my jeans with some fray details on the ends, which I love if I may just add! Change up the ‘completely denim’ look by breaking it with a pattern or colour. I paired mine with this polka peplum top from Zara and brought in some pink accessories that really just accentuate those fab flamingo feathers!

My Top 10 Denim Jacket Picks

These are my ultimate favorite picks that you can grab online, simply just click the photo to shop the desired jacket!




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