Celebrating Memorial Day with June’s Style Picks


(photography: @eyeofshe)

Happy Memorial Day everyone, I hope everyone has been enjoying the festivities! I know I have. I am one of those people who will aaaalways find an excuse to celebrate something… I’m all for the great company and good vibes, just makes the perfect extended weekend. I mean, how could I not celebrate this 3-day-weekend?! And what exactly have I been up to, you ask? Well… there’s nothing quite like brunching for Three. Whole. Days… and even though I have absolutely loved visiting some of my best brunch & coffee spots this weekend, all good things must (eventually) come to an end. And once all the fun & games are over, a seeerious gym sesh sits at the top of my list!

On to my June Style Picks

So now that May is officially coming to an end, and those paychecks come rolling in (Ca-ching!), if you are anything like me, you’ll probably splurge (aka. treat yo’self) on some fancy new wardrobe items. And so I have chosen some of my fave style picks for you guys to absolutely rock in June! And here they are….

Bold Pattern Rompers

With Summer vacation-planning in full swing, one of my favourite style picks for Summer ’17 has got to be bold & patterned rompers. How cool that you can basically wear a dress-like flowy jumpsuit collaboration?! (if shorts & dresses had a child haha) They are such fun and really ideal to have in your wardrobes. Super comfy meets super summery. From stylish sneakers to strappy heels, there are so many different ways to style the romper. Floral is definitely still in, and trending big time wth rompers! But if you want to opt for something more classic (and even daring!) go for a bold, monotone print.

Duster jackets

These light throw-overs are my absolute best for the month of June, and I especially love them for New York. They flow so effortlessly with that much-needed breeze and really catch the light so nicely, especially the satin kinds! They are perfect for a cooler summer night too. If I wear a short dress, or a romper, the duster jacket really helps me feel not-so-exposed when I need to walk through the streets and get from A to B. It adds a little layer, a detail, and some extra style sass. Really great to take an outfit from plain & drab to absolutely fab.

Fishnet Socks

By now you know that I am a huge fan of details & accessories, so I am always trying to bring my outfit to life with these smaller final touches. These fishnet socks just add the cherry on top. They look super cute with some sneakers and even maximize the style factor of a distressed denim look.


Nude Lip

This subtle pop of colour has been my go-to pick for a while now. It’s so timeless, so natural, and maintains a flawless vibe. My current fav is “Myth” by Mac .Pairing a nude lip with all my other June style picks really just seals my outfit with a kiss!


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