My ultimate Coffee Addicts Guide Downtown NYC.

 Calling all caffeine addicts! This is the perfect post for you guys. If you’re like me and experience a frothy moustache at least twice a week, then we are defs on the same page here haha! Since moving to New York, I drink waaay too much coffee than I probably should. But like I said in my style guide post, New York’s constant rush literally makes grabbing a coffee on-the-go, or trying that new coffee spot, an absolute must. With so many coffee shops to pick from, it can literally be so overwhelming trying to decide where to go today and tomorrow and the next day… especially if you’re here in NYC just for a quick visit.

You will always find me in any one of these hangouts, trying to send the last few emails, catching up with the girls, or even taking a quick breather before that busy day actually begins. So if you do happen to spot me (you know my love for new people guys) please come to say hi! Would seriously love to meet you.

All these recommendations are by ‘yours truly’ and are based on my personal opinion. They are not listed in any particular order and are all within the downtown area.

Cha Cha Matcha 

Located on Broome street, this tiny pink-and-green themed spot (completely Instagram-worthy) is known for its variety of matcha lattes. So matcha is basically Japanese green tea leaves added to a frothy cup of latte. But fear not, fellow addicts… if you’re not such a matcha fan (aka my mom), they serve the most divine plain lattes too. My fave is the Coconut Matcha Latte. Such a vibey little spot. Never seen it empty. And the ultimate place for a girly catch up.



(Photo Creds: Maman)

The most adorable setting with a French cafe ambiance. Maman has two locations downtown… one in Tribeca; one in Soho. I personally love the Maman in Soho. Their coffee is pretty much as amazing as the coffee cups are cute… you can spot their flowery cups from a mile away (piping hot & on-trend is always a win-win). There French fix of sweet treats to accompany my cute cuppa coffee is ultimate mood lifter on any bad day!


Bake Shop by Woops


The Woops on Worth street is not as full during the week, which is exactly why I love going to do some work there. The Brooklyn branch is compleeetely different and I love its vibey, young, and amazing atmosphere (especially on the weekends). I was just there this week having a latte (with cute designs lemme just add). And the most beautiful interior design defs makes this another Insta-worthy spot. So you see guys, what it basically comes down to is: work time meeting downtime in downtown NYC (I know you know what I did there).


(Photo Creds: Laudree)

Lastly, it’s Ladurée (I think I’ve just realised my French coffee spot fetish?!) Located in Soho, it’s one of my favourite places ever. By now I am sure you know that high tea is totally my thing. Ladurée’s opulent setting & decor, decadent desserts and pastries, and sooo many tea flavours to choose from, go hand-in-hand with outstanding coffee of course. I am just gonna go straight out and say it: best macarons in town. I love sitting in the summer sun on the terrace here, it really feels like you’re escaping the hustle and bustle for just a sweet moment. So if you’re in for the entire dining-in-Paris sweet treat experience, this is your place girl!


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