Lost & in love with the city.

As the golden sun just peeks through between the sky scrapers, the light reflects off my purple- tinted sunnies. Snap snap… the picture-perfect setting. I absolutely adore the one and only, New York City. If you haven’t realized yet, I love telling stories through my blog. The destinations I visit and the people I meet just inspire me everyday. And there’s nothing quite like New York; my home for just over a year now. I can safely that I am not going anywhere, anytime soon. So yes, this is your typical New York post… what’s not to love?!

Living in the City

My friends and family in South Africa are always asking me what it’s like reeeaaally like to live in NYC. The pace is incredibly fast and I have to admit to you guys that yes, it does get a bit overwhelming sometimes. I get so involved in my day-to-day life here that I don’t even realise how fast I’m moving. A new restaurant is always popping up, and there are so many new places to explore, with new people to meet. The city is aaalways moving, roaring, and defs not sleeping haha! As my stay in New York becomes longer and longer, I can defs see how much I am invested here. What I’m basically trying to tell you guys is that life in New York is not for the weak. I had a hard time turning down people and opportunities that did not really fit who I am. You really have to hustle if you want to get things done here. And if you stick to who you are and set your goals high, NYC will literally be the place of dreams for you.


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(Photography: @rellik_hour)

Time to Style

New York gives me inspo literally 24/7. My city-kind-of outfit in the pics above really represents all that is NYC – lots of elements going on at the same time, just like the beautiful chaos I experience here all the time. There’s a trick here guys. See how I’ve paired the very urban, city-feel ripped denim with this fab shaggy jacket? The eye is drawn to both their details because of their totally different textures. But with a simple black palette… It. Just. Works. By sticking to one dominant colour, all the odds & ends just tie together so perfectly.

Fun fact about the shaggy jacket – it may not look like it but the material is really light with some woven gaps in between. I literally get a little breeze that keeps me comfy the whole time, especially when New York throws me two or three seasons in one day haha!

This spring day was a bit cooler so I added some fishnets to the mix (they actually fight the chill and are the ultimate moodspiration. I paired all this with a bodysuit (a must-have for your wardrobes guys) and my fave black boots. A hair braid down the centre with some light waves just adds texture and some extra styling sass. In New York you can get away with anything & everything… so add those pops of colour like I have with my purple specs and of course, a bold lip.

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