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So my favourite thing about doing my makeup is experimenting and playing around with new products and the latest makeup tools. A flawless foundation is absolutely everything to me. I feel so confident when I’m out and about knowing that my foundation looks effortless. And I feel like if my foundation is on fleek, there’s really not much else to do besides adding a flick of mascara. Daily look done and dusted.

For a very long time, I honestly didn’t know what makeup products to use, how to use them, and where I was supposed to apply them. It took lots of online research (YouTube + me = BFF) and so much practice until I fiiiiinally got this whole flawless foundation thing under wraps! Let’s give a round of applause to the digital age (thank you, thank you very much!) And so that is why I thought it would be such a great idea to bring my current foundation routine straight to you guys. Let’s all achieve this flawless finish, together!

First thing’s first. I want to tell you guys about this new magical make up brush that has claimed a front seat in my make up toolkit. The Sonicblend by Micheal Todd is amaaaazinnnggg to say the least! It instantly sweeps on my products at 400 micro-movements per second. And while I’m focusing on that finish, the Sonicblend protects me from those nasty germs that hide in between the brush bristles. Built-in contamination protection, now that’s what I’m talking about! The fact that it is also cordless is honestly the best thing ever. After charging it, I pop it straight into my clutch and head off wherever, whenever! No streaky cheeks, and an airbrush look every single time. Absolute genius.

Products  I use

Favourite Blending Tool- Sonicblend by Michael Todd (shop here)

My go-to foundation Urban Decay in All Nighter

Glow enhancer – Cover FX halo droplets

Translucent setting powderLura Mercier 

Concealer for highlighting- Kevin Aucoin (I always opt for a shade or two lighter than my skin tone)

Concealer for contouring –  Anastasia Beverly Hills (3 shades darker than my skin tone)

So I read somewhere that contouring and highlighting are like ice cream and chocolate syrup… they just fit so well together! Because everyone’s face shape is different, our contouring and highlighting techniques will be different. Before getting started, I have attached a few face charts so that you guys can see where and how to best apply the contouring and highlighting products according to your face shapes. After all, my routine is purely based on my face shape.

 My step-by-step guide

Step One

Make sure your face is nicely cleansed

Step Two

Apply a primer, like Smashbox photo finish , or even just a good moisturiser (this is what I do!)

Step Three 

Apply a few pumps of foundation on to your hand and add a drop of Cover FX halo droplets into the foundation (this stuff is honestly magic, it’s like some sort of unicorn shimmer oil haha)

Step Four

Mix the two together using a foundation applicator brush

Step Five

Apply the foundation with the applicator brush and make sure to blend it in evenly with the one and only Sonicblend (love lives here!)


Step Six

Highlight under your eyes and then move to your cheekbone area. Basically, you want to create an ‘Upside down triangle’ shape starting from the inner part directly under your eye and then moving outwards towards your cheekbone. Move on to highlighting the bridge of your nose in one thin line going straight down. Then take this line up to the centre of your forehead (don’t go any higher!) Also, don’t forget to subtly highlight your chin area.

Step Seven

After, move to contouring. I begin by contouring the area just below my cheekbones, starting from my ears and moving to the middle area below my cheekbones. Then I contour my nose and I finish off with my jaw line.

Step Eight

Now, this is the most fun part… Blend it all in using the Sonicblend brush! I love it so much because it’s soooo fun to use, it blends in my make up so quickly and gently, and I’m literally left with zero lines (feeling forever fab!)
Just a quick tip… when using the Sonicblend brush, don’t press down too hard like you would with a normal brush. Because the Sonicblend literally does all the work, you just need to blend in the product with gentle, circular motions. Also, make sure that you blend in your contoured areas really well… you don’t want any streaky vibes sabotaging your flawless-ness!

Step Nine

Dust on some translucent powder for those finishing touches

Step Ten

Complete the look with some mascara and lipgloss. You’re good to go, girl! And there you have it. Your own, mini flawless-foundation routine


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