Style Diary: Moodspiration

 Photography: @eyeofshe

Hello loves! Today’s post is sponsored by none other than my muse-y mood, all thanks to New York’s grey and gloomy weather (I thought it was Spring?!) You are probably asking yourself what I mean by this? Well… this week has been hella busy for me, from rushing to auditions, shooting for my blog, running errands, and ticking off all the admin stuff (I feel like I’m out of breath just writing this haha!) There’s always gonna be some rough days, but not without reward. My point being that this is the BEST time draw for outfit inspo: turning the gloom into bloom, babes!

It’s time to let your mood be your muse – the source of inspiration for a creative artist. Well isn’t that just fitting?! What I’m really trying to tell you guys is that it’s totally okay to let your mood determine what you wear every day. In fact, I encourage it! Just. Do.You. I’m sure you know by now that my style changes all the time, which is why I never ever plan my outfits ahead of time. It’s always the-morning-of because I never know how I’m going to be feeling that day.

Honestly, it’s really okay to want to dress up as that girly girl on some days, and keep it a little grunge on others. Don’t feel like you always need to have a consistent sort of style. You do you. Wear what you want whenever you want. I promise the weather will defos help! Yeah, it’s cool to always stick to the trends, but don’t forget that personal muse-y moody touch. Whatever you choose for that day, you need to own it and work it! And your unique touch will always make this happen. Someone once told me, “No one can do you like you do you”. So you might as well be proud of yourself, sister!

About this look

My outfit above truly reflects my mood of the week. My latest go-to ‘uniform’ (one could call it that) is the T-shirt dress. They’re literally the best for running around town in. So fun to style too. Because they’re so basic, there are always so many “add-ons” to complete your look with. I was going for the more grunge sort of look that day and so I added some fishnets to the mix (may I just add, a huge trend right now!) as well as an embellished jacket. This jacket is really one of my favourite pieces in my closet at the moment. It’s such a fun item that just finishes off any look. I tied it around my waist as an extra element to my look. This handy little style trick not only keeps my jacket at close range for the raging wind but also has an anti-flashing function that keeps my dress from flying up! No surprises here! But my ultimate best is that “eye” can see everything… (Get it? My jokes are kinda lame, eye know) 

As for jewellery, I am wearing my charm necklace. It holds such sentimental value to me and I’d probs lose it if I ever had to take it off! I added a long tie-around choker as my moody touch and a swoosh of red lipstick to keep that vibe going.

Shop the Look

I have had a lot of questions on Instagram about where I got this black denim Jacket. It is from a cute little store in New York called Necessary Clothing, really affordable too. They no longer have the item listed however here is a similar jacket that would look great with this outfit!


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