Travel Diary: Cape Town, South Africa.

Oh Hello There!

Today I will be teleporting you to the majestic city of Cape Town, South Africa. Warning: after reading this post, you will most likely experience the urge to book a one-way ticket to CT. Perhaps I’m a little biased (since it is home after all). Try not fight the urge, though. Rather thank me later 😉

I’m sure you have noticed my love for this city after recently seeing my adventures on Snapchat and Instagram. I am originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, and so I visited my family and friends in my hometown first. Thereafter, I jumped on a plane for a sneaky getaway with some friends to Cape Town. Totally impromptu. Totally worth it.

Cape Town has a rather special place in my heart. Having travelled there over the years and spending way too many of my summer holidays in this beautiful city, I always discover new things to see, do, and love. “Why Cape Town Tina?”, you ask. Cape Town’s sunny-sandy beaches, its encapsulating scenery, buzzing bars, and non-stop nightlife really make Cape Town unlike any other city in the world and one of my top destinations to travel to.

So without further ado, I present to you my little travel guide on how to make your Cape town trip as memorable as ever.

(All recommendations and reviews are solely based on my individual opinions and experiences)

Hotel Options?

The hotel topping my list is without a doubt The Table Bay. Practically my second home! My family and I stay here all the time! The breakfast buffet is delicious, there is an amazing gym to work off those nutella-pancake-calories (the struggle is real), and the breathtaking mountain and harbour views from the hotel rooms are all reasons why this hotel is my fave. The hotel has its own private entrance to the V & A Waterfront which leaves me only seconds away from the best, and most- exclusive shops and restaurants from around the world. Super convenient. Kinda of a problem. No wonder The Table Bay has become a regular place to stay for me haha!



Have no idea where to start? No problem. I have got you covered guyssss. With so much to see and do in Cape Town yet with limited time to experience absolutely everything, I have chosen my favourite three as the cream of the crop!

Table Mountain

You definitely can’t miss this one. The iconic landmark is an absolute must. You can, of course, see the mountain from practically anywhere around Cape Town (duh!). But ‘climbing’ Table Mountain in a cable cart is truly a whole different, unforgettable experience. The view from the top is absolutely mesmerising. You feel like you are walking on cloud nine, and I mean that in the most literal way possible.

Story timeeee: On my last visit, I went up with one of my best friends and she is absolutely petrified of heights. She was freaking out the whole way up! So heads up if heights are not your thing. Just make sure to stand away from the windows of the cable cart, that’s all I am saying haha…

Bo Kaap

I loved visiting Bo Kaap. This cute little Capetownian area is known for its adorable colourful houses, providing the perfect backdrop to any shoot. But… don’t let this fool you, Bo Kaap has wayyyy more to offer than just colourful houses. It used to be a former township and so the area is filled with such history and personality. If exploring the culture and history is your thing, then Bo Kaap Museum and the food and craft market are really good places to start.

  Chapman’s Peak

OK so, whenever I visit Cape Town, we do this thing where we take a longggg drive down to Chapman’s Peak, it’s so relaxing… and so beautiful. Only 15kms south of Cape Town, the drive really allows me to just experience the natural and raw beauty of Cape Town. Just after pulling over, and with some bubbly in hand, I take in the unreal view. The burning-bright sun setting over the endless ocean, the scenic mountains in view too. And think to myself “How lucky I am to witness these cotton-candy clouds?”

Fun Things to do.

V & A Waterfront

Whether it be for dinner, shopping (my favourite activity! Yay!), or a quick refuelling bite during the shop, the Waterfront is my go-to place. They have everything you need and there are so many different restaurants to choose from! Perfect for any and every kind of vibe you are looking for. I also love taking walks near the impressive yachts (GOALS!) There are way too many to count!

Hike Lion’s Head

If you enjoy being adventurous and outdoors, then this one is totally for you. A challenging but rewarding hike I would say, with views of Cape Town from every single angle (make sure to take your phone or camera for those pics). The view from the top of the mountain is absolutely incredible (it’s the last 2 photos above).

Wine Tasting at Babylonstoren

Wine Tasting… what a fun afternoon this is!! Cape Town is known for its vineyards and wine tasting experiences. But it is so difficult to choose which farm to visit when they are all so wonderful. Each has its own personality and vibe. If I had to pick, Babylonstoren would be my favourite one. The setting is rustic and classy and the wines are too good not to taste.

  Clifton Beaches/Llandudno Beach

If you are anything like me and love the beach (a self-proclaimed ‘beach bum’), a trip to the beach is VERY necessary. How can you not?! If you’re up for some beach racket, or you just want to soak up some sun rays, the four Clifton beaches are breathtakingly beautiful and the ‘places to be’ from dawn ‘til dusk. Llandudno beach is another one of my favourites, further away from the city centre but so worth the short drive. The water is a tad warmer here and I just love having salty swims or late afternoon picnics on this beach.

Shark Cage Diving

Wow! This has to be one of my most frightening yet favourite experiences of my life! Never did I think I would jump into a cage and be inches away from one of the world’s most dangerous creatures. A lot scarier in real life I would say… This one is for my daredevils. What. A. Thrill.


High Tea at the Table Bay and Mount Nelson

Okay so, I am a major tea lover. And call me crazy but I love a tea outing! Having high tea in The Table Bay’s luxury lounge or in the gardens of the Mount Nelson Hotel is just too adorable and impossible to resist. I alway feel so fancy haha! Plus, they make for the cutest Instagram pictures.

Restaurant Recommendations

Grand Africa Cafe and Beach Restaurant

                 Image Source

The Grand is a spot that should not be missed when in Cape Town. From my perspective, it’s literally the most perfect setting you can find. Ideal for… satisfying fresh pizza (Omg! They are huge, definitely share!), seafood, or Mediterranean cravings. Great for lunch and dinners, and even better for dinner into a night of tantalising cocktails with some fab friends. Nothing’s better than a night out on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

Top tip… The restaurant is on the sand so I always opt for wearing simple sandal flip flops or wedges here. This way the sand can’t creep into my shoes (which kinda cramps my style) and I stay super comfy throughout the whole day/night.

The Bungalow

Image Source

Ideal for… oysters, champagne, and post-siesta snacks. I’m obsessed with the baroque yet beachy feel of the Bungalow. So chic, so sophisticated, and it has a menu to absolutely die for. A great spot to visit for all my little foodies and socialites. It’s also conveniently close to Camps Bay and Clifton beaches for those “after- beach-visits”.

Top tip… The Bungalow often throws the most exclusive parties and they usually take place during the December summer-time. Make sure to book! FOMO does not live here!

El Burro

Image Source

In the mood for something more exotic? Well, look no further. El burro is my Favvvvv. Ideal for… Mexican Mexican Mexican! The most authentic cuisine outside of Mexico matched by the most amazing tequila. Really, it’s a win-win situation.

Top tip… only use their extra hot chilli sauce if you can (seriously) handle the heat. Love me some spice. Yummm

Willoughby & Co.

Image Source

Remember that mid-shop lunch I was telling you about? Well, this is it. Although I’m not really a sushi fan (weird I know, who doesn’t like sushi), everyone who has ever been to Cape Town will go on and go about the fresh and totally tantalising sushi here. Apparently, it’s no lie.

Top tip… try out the 4 x 4 sushi platter (asked a trusted source don’t worry haha!) But for my non-fishy friends, the Chicken Teriyaki is insanneeeee! It keeps me coming back for more and more (and more) .

Cafe Caprice

Image Source 

Ideal for… sundowners and spicy calamari. Always bustling, always fab. I wouldn’t go anywhere else on my Sunday night.

Top tip… Parking is rather limited on this road and so I quickly call a cab or hop in an Uber here.


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