21 Things I’ve Discovered About Myself.



So I recently just celebrated my 21st birthday at home in South Africa, which I have to say was way too special. I spent the day with friends and family and really couldn’t have asked for a better day. So now that I am officially legal *woohoo!* I have had a little time to reflect and I wanted to share a fun little birthday post so you guys get to know me a little better, instead of just being just that girl who shares fashion advice. I came up with 21 things I’ve learned about myself.

1.) I can’t use cotton wool.

The sound and feeling of cotton wool separating creep’s me out. Weird I know.

2.) I’m world’s biggest procrastinator.

If I don’t want to do something I will take all my time to do it but working on it…

3.) I’ve had the same guilty pleasure since I was a kid: Popcorn and M&M’s. 

The highlight of going to the movies when I was a kid was being able to pour out all my M&M’s into my popcorn box. It’s still my highlight of going to the movie theatre… Nothing has changed.

4.) My family and friends have a big influence on my life.

It’s important to have a strong support structure. All I can say is thank goodness for family and friends.

5.) Horrible sense of direction.

If you ask me for directions, you will probably land up lost. Can’t Navigate.

6.)  Honesty is a big deal for me.

I used to think telling a little white lie now and then was ok but the older I’m getting the more I’m learning and realising that honesty is really the best policy. Honesty is the foundation of trust. A strong friendship/relationship really can’t function without honesty. Learning to be honest with myself is key.

7.)  My phobia for birds will stick with me forever.

I’ve bungee jumped and have gone shark cage diving. Yet terrified of birds. Growing up I always had a terrible fear birds. Pigeons especially.

    8.) Will NEVER be a morning person.

No matter the amount of coffee I could drink mornings are just not my thing.

9.) New York has grounded me. 

New York can be a tough place to live, it’s easy to lose yourself in the city, I would have to say living here has really grounded me and reminded me how important it is to stay authentic to myself!

10.) Hate the smell and taste of seafood.

All though I don’t mind a little calamari.

11.)  Learning to accept help.

In the past, I use to think if I asked for help or accepting help was a sign of weakness. I’m learning and realising it ok not to an expert in everything haha!

12.) Dogs > Cats.

I’m a huge dog person, I have grown up with dogs in my home from the moment I was born. The unconditional love from them is so special. But I have to say my little pug, Zara, has crept her way into my heart.

13.) Workouts are lifeeeeee.  

It’s the only thing that I strongly believe that keeps me in a daily routine and gives me structure in life. It’s an hour of the day that’s dedicated to myself and my body. Look after your body, it’s your only instrument.

14.) Pretty sure I have a black ankle boot fetish.

This is a real problem, an expensive habit too, You know how people collect bags? Or shoes in general? Well, I collect black ankle boots to be specific…

15.) Endless amount of tears. 

This one is definitely a blessing and a curse, I consider it a hidden talent actually. If I start crying It feels like I have an endless amount of tears, could fill buckets. Happy or Sad. Just so many tears.

16.) If all else fails I could probably be a movie critique. 

 Due to spending way too much time binge watching Tv shows and Movies if you ever want an opinion on a movie/Tv show? I’m your gallllll.

17.) Everything I’ve learnt about makeup/hair/beauty is thanks to Youtube.

Let’s just say I’ve learnt a thing or two 😉

18.)  My favourite destination- anywhere with a beach.

There way to many beautiful destinations to pick from but I would have to say I am a real beach bum and some of my favourites so far include Greece, Turks & Caicos and Mexico.

19.) Consider myself a professional napper.

Any time, any place. Consider it some sort of a special skill.

20.) My faith always guides me back onto the right path.

Being able to have a relationship with God always helps me through the times that are difficult. Grateful for this.

21.) The shape of my eyes.

Okay yay, quick story time… Growing up I had a complex about the shape of my eyes, hated them and the way they looked, I felt like I needed time to grow into my features. Now it’s one of my favourite things about me.

Thanks again to everyone for the sweet messages and birthday love!


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