Style Diary: Keeping It Cozy.

This outfit is brought to you by New Yorks unbearably cold weather…

Not particular fond of this weather anymore, It has been so unpredictable lately, It a constant guessing game just last week I was walking outside in a sweater with no jacket…in the evening. And now we about to have a snow storm? Say what!? I am currently bundled under my duvet covers writing this post… New York you have some cruel jokes if I don’t say so myself. Nevertheless, enough complaining, nothing I can do about it so I might as well stay niceeeee and cozzzyyyyy.

Here is a look that I wore yesterday and wanted to share it with you guys. I think the key to maintaining your personal style during cold winter months is to incorporate your favourite clothing items/accessories in one way or another. So personally, a nude and white palette runs with me through the seasons, no matter how cold it is.  I paired the jeans up (I love love love these white ripped jeans from Topshop, had them foreverr!) with this faux fur nude coat that keeps me ever so warm and camel sweater. The items are practical for the weather and still allow me to achieve that nude hues palette I was going for. *Yay for nude hues in winter!

You can find all the items or similar items down below. Don’t forget to check out my new feature on the blog “shop my Instagram” you will be able to shop all my Instagram looks or find similar items that I love and personally picked out. Happy Shopping

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