Faux Fur Better Than the Real Thing?

Trend Spotter: Faux Fur.

Fur is one of those trends that will never fade. And having a fury statement coat this winter is an absolute must. However, I’m a huge animal lover, have been since I was a kid. Sure, the real fur is beautiful,  however, in my opinion, I find it really difficult to know that an animal is being harmed or tortured for a coat. That is why I am all about the faux fur!

You can still achieve the same fury look, for a better price and a better cause. It’s a win-win situation. Plus colourful faux fur is a huge trend this winter and come in so many colours. Not to mention the quality and styles that are out these days are insanely cool and varied, you can barely tell the difference.

So if you thinking of making an investment on a fur coat this winter, think again here are 6 reasons why faux fur would be way better than the real thing!

1. You are not harming or torturing animals!! 

2. It won’t break the bank. It’s way cheaper. 

3. Even your top designers are starting to opt for faux fur instead.

4. The Anti-fur movement is growing rapidly. *yayyy!

5. There are millions of colours to pick from, which isn’t alway possible with real fur.

6. Way easier to take care of.

Shop some of my favourite faux fur coats:


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