Military Inspired.

About This Look

Recently there have been more days where I wake up and I have no idea what mood I’m in. I can’t decide what to eat for breakfast let alone finding an outfit for the day. Most of the time it’s me staring tediously at my closet thinking “Do I feel like jeans mmm.. or maybe a skirt today?” hoping something will just jump out right at me.

Queen of indecisive right here! hello!

I love to find one item in my wardrobe that I’m in the mood for and like style around that. I love when small trends breeze in and out of seasons. Lately, I have been seeing military inspired jacket popping up in stores left, right and centre and thought it was probably a good time to bring mine out to play.


Jacket:Zara(unavailable,Shop Similar below)//Skirt: BCBG//Shirt:(unavailable, shop similar below) Boots: Zara (unavailable, shop similar below)// Tights: DKNY//Jacket: Karl Lagerfeld//Bag: Louis Vuitton  //Glasses:Quay

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