How to Create a Beautiful and Efficient Beauty Station

A beauty station is really an essential when it comes to being organised and practical. I definitely learned this one the hard way. I am not exactly your most organised human being and I often find myself staring blankly at 4 chaotic makeup bags and not really knowing what to do with myself. So I recently just re-organised my whole beauty station so that I could finally make my everyday routine a lot less stressful and make my room look a little more appealing. Here are a few steps on creating the perfect beauty station that works for you.


The first step is finding a space that is going to work for you. Whether it is a dressing table, a desk or space in your bathroom find a surface that is free from clutter and has good lighting and great seating that can be transformed into your daily beauty pitstop.


Get your hands on some makeup organisers and containers. These handy containers will probably solve all your problems if you struggle to keep your makeup and hair products organised. Having different containers will help you to categorise your products and tools. You will find things quicker and easier and do away with any clutter you may be experiencing. I love perspex and glass organisers, they go with basically any decór or colour scheme.


Let’s get organised!

Place everything out in the open where you can see it,  your makeup and makeup brushes in one pile along with your hair tools and accessories in another and anything else you want at your station. I generally just like hair and makeup products on mine but you can have whatever your heart desires on yours.

Separate your products into categories depending on their use. Keeping all your makeup brushes together, compact powders together etc… Place each category into its own container, organiser or draw. This way you will know where everything lives and avoid the crushed compacts and expired lip glosses floating around at the bottom of the drawer.


What’s a beauty station without a mirror? Keep in mind you are going to need a mirror nearby whether it’s hanging on the wall or a round vanity mirror, a girl gotta see what she doing! Plus it’s a great decor feature too.

Finish off your station with a little decor piece, candles, or some flowers to add that extra little factor. Totally optional But I would recommend it, really ties everything together wonderfully!  I’m obsessed with flowers so these little-boxed roses I got from The Florist Johannesburg are just too perfect for my dressing table. Make sure to try them out and follow them on Instagram (@theflorist_za).


Comment Down Below and let me know what your daily beauty routine is!


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