Stepping up the Pyjamas Game

Growing up, I remember my mom buying my siblings and I the cutest pyjamas. Saturday mornings would result in my baby brother(not such a baby anymore) and I attempting to make eggs in our matching pyjamas while we waited for our parents to wake up. From a young age, I always have had a little secret obsession for cute pyjamas.

Planning a getaway or just lounging around? It’s important to have the right pair of pj’s for the right occasions. When it comes to a little get away with some friends or family, leave the transparent slip in the bedroom. I tend to be as practical as possible with my pyjamas choice when I know they’re other people around.  This holiday season I have planned to take a few trips myself. I have been on the hunt to find the perfect little vacay pj’s and love this little satin set I found. Lounging around in PJs is probably my favourite thing to do on holiday, especially with pj’s that make me feel cute and fresh instead of  raggedy and that “I just rolled out of my bed look.”

 What do you wear to bed?




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