How to: Clean your Makeup Brushes


I will admit I am horribly lazy when it comes to washing my makeup brushes, it’s just one of those tasks that I know I have to do but constantly avoid doing. There is nothing fun about scrubbing foundation out of bristles which result in prune-like hands. I totally agree.

Until recently paying a visit to my dermatologist and realising that my makeup brushes may be the cause to all my skin problem mysteries. Brushes that aren’t cleaned on regular basis tend to cause a cycle of skincare problems due to the quick bacteria build up that grows & reproduces within the brushes. Dipping dirty brushes into your makeup will only contaminate the product too, resulting in a vicious cycle and a fight against a clear skin.

So I have changed up my routine and deep cleanse these little bristles at least once a week.

What you will need:

Antibacterial gel.

Your Facial Cleanser

Olive oil for conditioning (optional.)

Step 1


  • With Lukewarm water rinse your brushes and leave them on a towel or paper towel while you prep your cleanser and antibacterial gel.


Step 2

  • Squeeze your facial cleanser onto a flat surface. Then mix a generous amount of antibacterial gel into your facial cleanser that is already on the flat surface.
  • One by One dip your damp brush into your little cleansing solution that you have made.
  • Using the palm of your hand swirl the brush in a circular motion until all the excess build up has been eliminated and you satisfied. (repeat for each brush)


Step 3



  • Now it’s time to rinse the soap solutions, rinse brush under lukewarm water until water runs clear and free of soap.
  • Squeeze any excess water out of the bristles from the base of the brush toward the tip of the brush.


Step 4

  • Once you finish rinsing the brushes place them on a towel or paper towel on a flat surface to dry.
  • It takes a few hours for them to be completely dry, I like to wash my brushes in the evening and by the morning they good to go!

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