How to fight Jet Lag like a Pro.

I’ve kinda hit this point in my life where I am trying to figure out where my piece of the puzzle fits in. I keep asking myself  “Tina, where the heck are you suppose to be living?” And my current answer is… I have no idea, I’m figuring it out, an update will be coming soon haha! My lack of decision-making has as lead me to live in 3 cities (Johannesburg SA, New York, Atlanta) in the last year plus all the extra travel destinations I visted this year, which I am so grateful for but as much as I loveeeee all the new adventures, there’s is that one tiny little thing that can really make traveling a challenge and that is our good old friend Jet Lag.

Over the years of travelling whether it be a vacation destination,  for school or work I have most certainly picked up a few tips along the way and decided to share them with you travel junkies. So here we go!


You probably thinking, yeah well what’s the big deal if you miss your workout the day before you leave or the day of your flight. Right? Well actually working out will really benefit you if you have one of those long flights. It helps with the keeping your blood circulation flowing and it helps relax tense muscles that would probably grow more tense during the flight. Bad blood circulation+Long flight= fatigue and makes jet Lag worse. Plus it will keep you in your workout routine for when you reach your destination.


You don’t want to be spending the first few days of your trip still trying to adjust to the country’s time zone you are visiting.  I think it is a really fantastic idea to adjusts your sleep patterns to that particular time zone beforehand, especially if you know that you are going to be on a super long flight. My trip from New York to South Africa usually takes me a good 20 hours (with a 7 hour time difference) and by the time I arrive my clock is so confused, I’m cranky and tired it is crazyyyyy.

What I have started doing, that really works well, is 2 days before I leave I  try going to bed and waking up as close as possible to the time zone I am travelling too. I make sure I do this on the flight as well, So for example, If I am travelling to South Africa/Europe and it is the afternoon when I’m leaving New York, it is already night there so I immediately go to bed as soon as we take off. This helps me slowly get my body used to a new routine so it becomes easier to adjust.


 Im a nap taking type of gaalll… I am not the type of person that can function on 4 or 5 hours of sleep. I always want to take the longest nap when I land, which makes jet lag so much worse to deal with. If it is still daytime, your best option is to get out of your hotel room or anywhere that will allow you fall asleep and keep busy. Fill up your day with some activities to pass time and distract you from sleeping until bedtime.


Living in the 21st-century electronic devices rule our lives if you are staying up late at night because you are “jet lagged.” The first thing you going to do is grab your phone or laptop and probably turn on the TV. Am I right? (Or maybe that is just me.) Try not engage with any electronic devices before bed, it’s only going to keep you awake, alert and stimulate your mind. Instead, make some tea put a face mask on and relax eventually you will doze off and if you really need to take a melatonin or something to relax you.  It’s one of those situations that really mind over matter.

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