Ready Steady Jet Set: My 6 favorite packing tips. 

Vacation season is coming to an end but who said the travelling has to stop! I leave for New York today, Eeepp! So excited.But before I leave I quickly wanted to drop in and share my little packing procedure.
As women there is just way too many necessities, packing can be a rather strenuous task- well at least for me it is. The hardest part about packing is narrowing it down to the stuff you actually going to use, there is always that thought lingering over your head “What if I need this or what about that?!” which will probably lead to an over-packed suitcase. I have finally learned an organised,stress-free way to pack all my essentials into one suitcase. Here are my tips and tricks!

1. Don’t wait until the last minute.

This is most important rule ever! I am so guilty of this. Last minute packing is the worst. I recently just went on a trip and decided to pack the morning of, it was a disaster not only did I forget basic things like my toothbrush, (don’t worry I went out and bought one haha!) I was late, tired, super stressed out and almost missed my flight.

2. Create a packing list.

  I have a major problem with packing unnecessary items. Ridiculous right? What I like to do is quickly jot down all my essentials that I will need for my trip. This will help avoid over-packing and bringing unnecessary items.

3.Plan Your Outfits.

Instead of packing a whole bunch of choices without matching them up, I like to pre-plan outfits in advance when travelling, not only will this help organise your clothing it will also help you save space in your suitcase.

4.Packing makes up.

Personally packing my makeup is the hardest part. Here are a few simple rules that help stop me from getting carried away.

1.)  Stick to your favourite foundation, 1 foundation is more than enough.

2.)  Narrow it down to 4 lip products. (A lip balm, lipstick, lipliner and a lipgloss.)

3.)  Bring along one compact eye shadow palette. l use Mac’s cool palette and I love it for travelling, it has everything you need in one palette.

4.)  Make-up brushes: I have so many different brushes for the same function, stick to only 1 brush for each function. (1foundation brush,1 blending brush, 1 contour brush or a beauty blender instead, 1 angled brush, 1 flat eyeshadows brush, 1 crease brush, 1 eyeshadow blending brush.)

5.)  Stay at home products: If you haven’t used the product in the past 4 days leave it at home, 9/10 times you won’t need it.

Fun fact: to prevent eyeshadows and pressed powder from cracking, lay a flat cotton wool pad in between the product and the lid.

5.Utilise travel containers.

If you like to have all your hair, skin care and lotions products with you, like I do, there is no possible way that you can take everything in their normal containers and expect to fit it into your cosmetic bag. Use clear travel containers, make sure to label each bottle so they don’t get mixed up. This will save you tons of space+weight!

6. Find the ’empty’ space.

If I’m running out of space I like to get a little creative and pack things inside of other things. Why let socks steal space when you can roll them up and stick them inside your shoes. It’s like they were never there, to begin with. Make use of every bit of space you can.

Hope this helps! SAFE TRAVELS!

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